Complete nucleotide sequence analysis of a Dengue-1 virus isolated on Easter Island, Chile.

Dengue-1 viruses responsible for the dengue fever outbreak in Easter Island in 2002 were isolated from acute-phase sera of dengue fever patients. In order to analyze the complete genome sequence, we designed primers to amplify contiguous segments across the entire sequence of the viral genome. RT-PCR products obtained were cloned, and complete nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences were determined. This report constitutes the first complete genetic characterization of a DENV-1 isolate from Chile. Phylogenetic analysis shows that an Easter Island isolate is most closely related to Pacific DENV-1 genotype IV viruses.

Cáceres C. (ISP), Yung V. (ISP), Araya P. (ISP), Tognarelli J. (ISP), Villagra E. (ISP), Vera L. (ISP), Fernández J. (ISP)
Archives of Virology. 2008;153(10):1967-70. 2008
Fecha Publicación: 
Enero, 2008