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Soto, Jorge A.; Diaz-Dinamarca, Diego A.; Soto, Daniel A.; Barrientos, Magaly J.; Carrión, Flavio; Kalergis, Alexis M.; Vasquez, Abel E. Cellular immune response induced by surface immunogenic protein with AbISCO-100 adjuvant vaccination decreases group B Streptococcus vaginal colonization Group B Streptococcus (GBS) represents one of the most common causes of bacterial infection in neonates; it is also associated with premature childbirth and stillbirth. A vaccine against GBS is needed... 2019 111 Ver Más
Sánchez-Nieto, B.; López-Pineda, E.; Ruiz-Trejo, C.; Muñoz, I. D.; Caprile, P.; Chorbadjian, G.; Brandan, M. E. Dedicated phantom and TLD-100 dosimetry for simultaneous determination of mean glandular dose and beam quality: Proposal for a compact mammography quality control procedure ... 2019 60 Ver Más
Oyarte Galvez, Marcela; Cabiesses Valdés, Báltica; Pedrero Castillo, Victor [Poverty and Self-perceived health: Contrast between multidimensional poverty and income poverty] ... 2019 51 Ver Más
Aravena, Carmen; Valencia, Bárbara; Villegas, Andrea; Ortega, Mauricio; Fernández R, Alda; Araya R, Pamela; Saavedra, Aníbal; Del Campo, Rosa [Characterization of Salmonella Heidelberg strains isolated in Chile] BACKGROUND: Salmonella Heidelberg (S. Heidelberg) causes gastroenteritis and sometimes bacteremia and endocarditis. In other countries, this serovar has multidrug resistance including extended-spectru... 2019 147 Ver Más
Jercic, María Isabel; Aguayo, Carolina; Saldarriaga-Córdoba, Mónica; Muiño, Laura; Chenet, Stella Maris; Lagos, Jaime; Osuna, Antonio; Fernández, Jorge Genotypic diversity of Acanthamoeba strains isolated from Chilean patients with Acanthamoeba keratitis BACKGROUND: Acanthamoeba spp. are the causative agents of a severe keratitis occurring mainly in contact lens wearers. The genus comprises more than 24 species that are currently divided into 20 diffe... 2019 12 Ver Más
Kelahan, Linda C.; Fong, Allan; Blumenthal, Joseph; Kandaswamy, Swaminathan; Ratwani, Raj M.; Filice, Ross W. The Radiologist's Gaze: Mapping Three-Dimensional Visual Search in Computed Tomography of the Abdomen and Pelvis A radiologist's search pattern can directly influence patient management. A missed finding is a missed opportunity for intervention. Multiple studies have attempted to describe and quantify search pat... 2019 32 Ver Más
Muiño, Laura; Rodrigo, Donoso; Villegas, Rodrigo; Romero, Pablo; Peredo, Daniel E.; Vargas, Rafael A.; Liempi, Daniela; Osuna, Antonio; Jercic, María Isabel Effectiveness of sampling methods employed for Acanthamoeba keratitis diagnosis by culture PURPOSE: This retrospective, observational study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the sampling methods commonly used for the collection of corneal scrapes for the diagnosis of Acanthamoeb... 2019 39 Ver Más
Oliva Thomsen, P.; Adiela Saldaña, V.; Jaime Cerda, L.; Villaseca, K.A. Vaccine safety: Description of the adverse events reported to the surveillance system in Chile, 2014 to 2016 Background: Passive surveillance systems for adverse events following immunization (AEFI) allow the monitoring of known adverse effects (AE) and the investigation of infrequent AE. Aim: To describe th... 2019 36 Ver Más
Dabanch, J.; González, C.; Cerda, J.; Acevedo, J.; Calvo, M.; Díaz, E.; Endeiza, M.; Inostroza, J.; Rodríguez, J.; Saldaña, A.; Santillana, S.; El Omeiri, N.; Bastías, M. Chile's National Advisory Committee on Immunization (CAVEI): Evidence-based recommendations for public policy decision-making on vaccines and immunization A National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NITAG) provides independent, evidence–based recommendations to the Ministry of Health for immunization programmes and policy formulation. In this ar... 2019 37 Ver Más
Ríos, J.A.; Alcalde, E.; Ramírez, E.; Campbell, M.; Labbé, T.P.; Becerra, S.; Santander, S.; Cabrera, M.E. The implementation of a Biobank network for Chile The concept "Biobank" is relatively new in the scientific literature, and is not yet consensually defined, even for the World Health Organization (WHO). However, the use of human samples in biomedical... 2019 147 Ver Más
Valenzuela, M.T.; Mañalich, J.; Díaz, J.; Linazasoro, I.; Castillo, L.; Morales, A.M.; Villena, R. National action plan for the emergence of invasive meningococcal disease in Chile, 2012-2013 Invasive meningococcal disease is challenging for public health, mainly when it manifests with sudden changes in incidence, serogroups and hypervirulent clones that spread in the population, causing g... 2019 147 Ver Más
E C P do Rego, J M Rodrigues, L J de Carvalho, T M Monteiro, V S da Cunha, L J B Roa, L V Morales, E Ferreira, A Silva, R Barriga, S Sandoval, D Marajh, M Fernandes-Whaley, R Visser, N Sudsiri, C Boonyakong, A C Gören, ün, S Gündüz, H Yilmaz, B Niederhauser, M Stalder, P S Cheow, T Lu, T L Teo, Q Liu, D Melnyk, V Diumin, R Karbovska, O Levbarg, L Ovchar, M Rozhnov, S Tsyparenko, H A Kadir, N H Nasir, E Kakoulides, S A Garcia, M A Calderon, V Serrano and M Arce International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), find out more International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), find out more Final Report on Key Comparison SIM.QM-K27: Ethanol in Aqueous Matrix Within the SIM RMO, certain NMIs/ DIs have indicated the need to demonstrate their measurement capability for the determination of ethanol in aqueous matrices. Reflecting upon the current situation, t... 2019 56 Ver Más
Préndez, M.; Araya, M.; Criollo, C.; Egas, C.; Farías, I.; Fuentealba, R.; González, E. Urban trees and their relationship with air pollution by particulate matter and ozone in Santiago, Chile Most Latin American cities have air quality problems owing to high levels of particulate matter and ozone. By 2050, it is expected that more than 80% of Latin Americans will live in urban areas, leadi... 2019 Ver Más
Duffau, B.E.; Alcamán, K. Analysis of three main cannabinoids in seized marijuana by densitometric high-performance thin-layer chromatography ... 2019 32 Ver Más
Saldaña, A.; Santillana, S.; Valenzuela, M.T.; Dabanch, J.; González, C.; Cerda, J.; Acevedo, J.; Calvo, M.; Díaz, E.; Endeiza, M.L.; Inostroza, J.; Rodríguez, J. CAVEI considerations for the promotion of vaccination adherence ... 2019 36 Ver Más
Oyarte, Marcela; Espinoza, Manuel; Balmaceda, Carlos; Villegas, Rodrigo; Cabieses, Báltica; Díaz, Janepsy Gasto de Bolsillo en Salud y Medicamentos en Chile: Análisis Comparativo de los Periodos 1997, 2007, y 2012 OBJECTIVES: Out-of-pocket spent (OPS) of health services are considered inefficient and are a consequence of inequalities in financing and access. The main objective of this study was to compare OPS o... 2018 17 Ver Más
Montenegro-Nicolini, Miguel; Reyes, Patricio E.; Jara, Miguel O.; Vuddanda, Parameswara R.; Neira-Carrillo, Andrónico; Butto, Nicole; Velaga, Sitaram; Morales, Javier O. The Effect of Inkjet Printing over Polymeric Films as Potential Buccal Biologics Delivery Systems The buccal mucosa appears as a promissory route for biologic drug administration, and pharmaceutical films are flexible dosage forms that can be used in the buccal mucosa as drug delivery systems for ... 2018 19 Ver Más
Diaz-Dinamarca, D. A.; Soto, D. A.; Leyton, Y. Y.; Altamirano-Lagos, M. J.; Avendaño, M. J.; Kalergis, A. M.; Vasquez, A. E. Oral vaccine based on a surface immunogenic protein mixed with alum promotes a decrease in Streptococcus agalactiae vaginal colonization in a mouse model The Surface Immunogenic Protein (SIP) of Group B Streptococcus (GBS) had been described as a good target for vaccine development. To date, SIP has been reported as a highly conserved protein, and in a... 2018 103 Ver Más
Sawatzky, Pam; Martin, Irene; Galarza, Patricia; Carvallo, Mar?a Elena Trigoso; Araya Rodriguez, Pamela; Cruz, Olga Marina Sanabria; Hernandez, Alina Llop; Martinez, Mario Fabian; Borthagaray, Graciela; Payares, Daisy; Moreno, José E.; Chiappe, Marina; Corredor, Aura Helena; Thakur, Sidharath Dev; Dillon, Jo-Anne R. Quality assurance for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Latin American and Caribbean countries, 2013-2015 OBJECTIVES: A Neisseria gonorrhoeae antimicrobial susceptibility quality control comparison programme was re-established in Latin America and the Caribbean to ensure antimicrobial susceptibility data ... 2018 94 Ver Más
Frías-Lasserre, Daniel; González, Christian R.; Reyes, Carolina; Lecaros Alvarado, Alberto The Interspecific Hemelytra Differences Among Mepraia Species Males (Hemiptera, Reduviidae:Triatominae) in Chile The species of the genus Mepraia Mazza, Gajardo Tobar and Jörg (Hemiptera, Reduviidae:Triatominae) exhibit polymorphism in their hemelytra. The females of all species are always micropterous, but the... 2018 55 Ver Más